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Description:   Eserv/2.99 is the complete solution to access Internet
from LAN:

- Mail Server (SMTP, POP3 and IMAP4.1, with ability to share one
mailbox on the ISP, aliases and mail routing support)
- News Server (NNTP)
- Web Server (with CGI, virtual hosts, virtual directory
support, web-interface for all servers in the package)
- FTP Server (with virtual directory support)
- Proxy Servers
* FTP proxy and HTTP caching proxy
* FTP gate
* HTTPS proxy
* Socks5, Socks4 and 4a proxy
* TCP and UDP port mapping
* DNS proxy
* Support for HTTP-proxy cascading and parent-proxy
authorization, including support for DVB-systems
(Europe Online, NTV-Internet, etc)
- Finger Server
- Built-in scheduler and dialer (dial on demand,
dialer server for extern agents)

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